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In business, one of the trickiest resources to manage is finance. As there are numerous elements going at it, continuous, effective management of finance becomes nearly impossible. This is often made severe by the fact that availability of finance does not solve the problem at all. Utilization of the same does. As the landscape of businesses and economies has been changing over the years due to technological advances, managing finance has become all the trickier and more difficult to pull off than it ever was. Having realized this difficult situation that many businesses find themselves in, we are here to get you out of that situation with our corporate finance services.


There is no doubt that the complexity that has come associated with finance in the recent past has persuaded various banking, insurance, investment management and consulting companies to look for options to meet the challenges, unlike the traditional way. This is where we can help you meet the challenges with our financial services.


Our service offerings are focused to offer the right support and insights to the clients so that they are able to not only utilize their financial resources in the best way possible but also ensure efficiency to their financial processes as well. By doing so, we help the client integrate their financial activities to the larger spectrum of operation to drive better synergy and value to their bottom line.

What we offer,

Depending upon the support you need and the industry vertical you operate in, we are fortified to offer the following services;

» Comprehensive wealth and asset management services
» Strategic investment and disinvestment services
» Insurance deliverance and management services
» Real estate investment services

» Banking service support and capital markets solutions
» Blockchain services
» Retirement fund management and investment solutions

How can EG Associates help your business?

We have proffered numerous clients in the corporate world in domestic and international capacity with effective corporate finance strategies and advices over the years. Apart from our industry expertise, we have been fortified with the following unique traits;

» A team of financial experts has worked with international brands and businesses
» Years of domain-expertise in offering corporate finance services
» A level of service quality uncompromised to ensure value for money
» Our offerings are dynamic, flexible and scalable
» We assure bespoke service propositions that meet the needs of the clients

We know you are looking for an experienced, expert and cost-effective management consultant to give you the insights to become equipped to get the better of the competition and offer excellent value to your business. We are the right team to help you do that.